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Model 2000D
Weight Range
Stewart-Warner 2000 Digital
1 to 500 lbs.
Diametral Range
1/2" to 43" (between bearings)
1/2" to 7-1/2" (at bearings)
Length Range
4-1/2" to 55" between support bearings
(extra length available)
Sensitivity Drive Diameter Capacity
0.00002" peak to peak
80" rotor diameter byd. support bearings
Cradle Base Length Drive
5' (extra length avail.) 1 HP-SCR control DC variable speed
Sug Installation Specs Drive Belt Speed
4' x 8' 0 to 2,400 fpm
Shipping Weight Walking Mechanisms
1,000 lbs. Drive and left column std., right opt.
Normal Balancing Speed Power Requirements
450 rpm.(can be varied) 15 amp., 110V, single phase 60 hz, AC
Electronics:110V, single phase 60hz, AC
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