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Weight Capacity
Turbo-Pac TC-3
1/2 oz. to 30 LBS
Distance Between Bearings
1 - 30 inches
Swing Diameter
22 inches
0.000020" (P-P)
Motor Drive
Drive Diameter
3 inches
Shipping Weight Balance Speed
300lbs approximate 500 to 2500 RPM
Workpiece Bearings Power Requirements
1/4 to 3 inch 4 A @ 110V 60HZ
Electronic Features
Reliable Solid State Electronics utilizing integrated circuitry.
Industrial quality components mounted on plug in type computer board for easy service.
Electrical Controls. Precision 10 turn potentiometers for more accurate calibration. State of the art pushbutton and rocker type switches. All controls are sealed, industrial grade components.
Linear Analog Meter that is calibrated in terms of ounce/inches, gram/inches etc.
Bright Strobe Light for angle detection of unbalance.

Machine Frame Features
Machine Frame and square support bars as well as round bars are made of solid steel for mass and maximum rigidity.
Adjustable Support Bars move freely on the round bars to adjust for workpiece length. Bars are easily clamped in position for rigidity.
Lightweight Workpiece Carriers with precision anti-friction bearings are freely suspended for maximum sensitivity.
Vibration Pickups are mounted directly on work supporting structure are sealed and require no adjusting.
Motor Drive System featuring a permanent magnet DC motor. Motor has variable speed control, controlled acceleration and dynamic braking. Motor is positionable on motor arm to adjust belt lenght. Only one belt is required for all workpiece diameters.

Minimum Tooling Required. Wheel and Shaft assemblies require no tooling. Compressor wheels may require arbors.
Complete operators manual, including assembly procedures, setup procedures and trouble-shooting hints.
Start up Kit is furnished with items used in the operation of the balancing machine. Kit includes drive belts, calibrated weights, balancing wax, grease, marking pen, etc. Kit also includes ware items such as springs and bearings. Service policy. Most problems can be solved by contacting the factory. If the problem is more serious a solution that best satisfies the customer's needs will be addressed.

Demonstration Policy. The service manual provides the necessary information to assemble and operate the machine. In factory demonstrations available at no cost. On-site demonstration in your facility by the factory representative is provided upon request. (Demonstration prices are seperate)

Warranty. Faulty components, except those damaged by accident or neglect, will be replaced at no charge for a period of one year after date of shipment. Drive belts, support springs, bearings and other ware items are not included in the warranty. Items returned for warranty must be returned freight prepaid, and will be returned prepaid.

Delivery. Four to six weeks after formal purchase order.

Terms. 50% with order. Balance due prior to shipping.
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