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Upgrade your microprocessor
Balmac Model 743  
Balmac 743
   Easy, fast calibration
   No setup required
   Automatic spindle and
      arbor correction
   Rapid balance time
   Microprocessor balancing
      may be programmed
Balmac Model 7000    
Features Balmac 7000
   Easy, fast calibration
   Graphic display shows
      amounts and positions
      of unbalance
   Menus and programs are
      accessed through touch
      screen display
   No setup required
   Automatic spindle and
      arbor correction
Easy Balance    
   Digital, two-channel,
      high-order tracking filter
   Windows "point-and-click"
   Built-in ISO tolerance
   Static/Couple Separation
   Unlimited rotor memory
   Compatible with all
      balancing machines with
simple connector  change
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